Last year, we asked you to tell your elected officials what public lands meant to you. You responded. In droves.

The responses come from individuals from across the country who signed a petition in support of keeping public lands in public hands and gave their own individual reason why these lands mattered to them.

The answer was loud and clear: Americans LOVE their public lands. They want to see them conserved and draw a hard line when it comes to those who want to sell or transfer those places.

Check out the map below and click on the state to see responses from around the country.

Petition: As one of the 324 million public landowners in America…

I call on the President and my Members of Congress to protect our public lands sporting heritage by strongly opposing any wholesale effort to sell or transfer our country’s public lands. Some of the best fish and wildlife habitat and hunting and angling opportunities available to sportsmen and women are found on these lands.

Public lands, owned by all Americans, are indispensable and we must care for them as such.

Further, I ask that Congress and the President work together to address 21st century land management challenges in ways that protect and restore fish and wildlife habitat, ensure that Federal land management agencies have the tools and funding necessary to effectively manage our lands, and uphold America’s public land hunting and fishing traditions.

I support public lands because…

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